Industrial Safety Manager


ISM (Industrial Safety Manager) is a software tool designed in line with international standards to monitor the safety components of a machine during their working life. By importing projects produced using RASWIN, users can check the safety project automatically and obtain status reports.

The tool monitors the status of the safety functions in real time and, if unauthorised modifications are found, it automatically informs maintenance, engineering and safety & hygiene managers.

It schedules preventive maintenance, indicating the remaining lifetime of the safety components, estimating the real PL of safety functions, and controlling programmable or configurable elements and the undue use of devices, among other functions.

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Basic Licence

Monitoring of a machine or a project, ideal for initial integrations.


  • 1 project.

Advanced Licence

Monitoring of critical machinery, groups of machines, robot cells or collaborative robots.


  • 5 projects.

Professional Licence

Designed for full production lines or medium-sized factories.


  • 25 projects.

Full Licence

Designed to meet the requirements of production lines or large factories.


  • Unlimited projects.

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