Safety made easy


Practical training.

RASWin Academy is a new concept of training in safety engineering solutions, the mainstay for in-depth training on the RASWin Platform.

With thorough training relating to Functional Safety of Machinery (ISO 12100 and ISO 13849, IEC 62061), RASWin users are given a unique possibility of professional and personal growth in an area such as industrial safety. The new professional training courses include a high proportion of practical contents and functional learning, whatever your level of learning: from beginners to professionals. 

Optimal Learning

The RASWin structure provides users with a correct understanding of the relationship or link between risk assessment techniques and safety solution integration by correctly applying Functional Safety.

You will learn:

  • An introduction to different harmonised standards.
  • Structuring an automation project in terms of machine safety.
  • Functional Safety.

Its Benefits

  • Safety project management.  
  • A much more productive use of the software.
  • Estimating the likelihood of a fault in safety systems.
  • Quality improvements, a reduction in time and costs in your engineering.

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